The Journey’s Roadblocks

#3 – Only the Experienced Can Engage in Advocacy

This is simply not true, so don’t let this excuse get in your way. Anyone can get involved in advocacy and be successful. Think back to when you joined your organization or ran a campaign for public office. Find that passion that led you to get involved or elected. You obviously did it to make a difference for others or your community.

You looked around and saw opportunities to bring awareness to your organization’s mission or perhaps improve the quality of life for those you serve. Whatever your reasons…these are the same messages you need to share with your leaders in the context of how they can help your community or members. It’s about sharing your story. In future blogs, I’ll talk more about how to share that message successfully.

Look back at the strategies highlighted in the last blog, you don’t have to have experience to do any of them. And while these may seem very simple, believe it or not they are some of the most effective steps you can take.

Remember the phrase, “Experience is the best teacher”? When it comes to advocacy, the only way to become an experienced advocate is to do it!

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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