The Journey’s Roadblocks

#5 – Advocacy doesn’t make a difference, so I shouldn’t bother.

This is another perception that simply isn’t true. In fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. On many occasions, lawmakers are looking to you (or a lobbyist) to help educate them on an issue and help them determine how to vote!

During the legislative session, lawmakers are incredibly busy. They have several meetings every day with constituents, lobbyists and their colleagues. During these encounters they hear countless bills. They often share they don’t have luxury of time to read every bill they will review. Especially if they are newly elected, they often rely upon advocates to share what the legislation does (or doesn’t do), who will be affected and how.

This is where every advocate has the opportunity to be very effective. You know your community or organization and its people or mission better than anyone. This means no one…not even a professional lobbyist can tell your story better than you. Legislators are counting on you to do this so they can make an informed decision.

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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