The Journey’s Roadblocks

#7 – We Already have a Professional Lobbyist and they know much more than I do.

Professional lobbyists can be a great asset for your city or organization, and there are many that do a great job. However the key point is many. In the state of Florida alone, there are over 4,000 registered lobbyists.  And during the legislative session, they’re all trying to meet with and persuade lawmakers to support their client’s position or secure an appropriation.

While they can be very effective, and yes…the really good ones DO have a wealth of knowledge in their subject matter, there’s one thing they don’t have that you do…a personal story about your organization or community. And this a message lawmakers want to hear. Remember, they live and represent the same people in the same community you serve, so knowing the impact their decisions will have on these constituents is a key factor when they decide to support or oppose your position.

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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