Preparing to Communicate

Do you know there is a simple way to set yourself apart from the majority of advocates that meet with lawmakers? What will make you unique (and remembered!) takes very little time, but since most people don’t make the effort, those that do stand out and earn the respect of those they are trying to influence.

Do your homework before communicating with lawmakers. Both former and current legislators and their staff have shared how important it is for you to have the following information available as you begin a dialogue about an issue. And this demonstrates you’ve spent time researching it, which means they don’t have to…something they do appreciate!

  • Has a bill been filed related to the issue?
  • What is the bill number?
  • Who is the sponsor?
  • Where is the bill (or issue) in the committee process?
  • Who sits on the committee?
  • If the bill has been heard in a committee, what was the outcome?

Remember…when it comes to advocacy, the easier you make it for lawmakers, the more likely they are to support you!

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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