It’s Time to Get Involved!

Want to solidify your relationship with legislators? Get involved in their campaigns!There’s nothing a candidate appreciates more than knowing you support them in their efforts to get elected or re-elected to office. Of course, you must use your discretion as to how much or little support you’re comfortable offering. But even if it’s just attending a fundraiser or putting a sign in your yard or business window, every effort reinforces their constituents are in their corner.

  1. Contribute financially as much as you can afford: Money talks and gains access to the candidate, and if the contribution is significant enough they will remember you if they are successfully elected. If a financial contribution is not an option, volunteering in their campaign can be just as valuable (and memorable).
  2. Local Elected Officials or Community Leaders – Offer to spend a day with the candidate, introducing them to key residents in your city: This is grassroots campaigning at its best. Meet people in their homes; place of business or over a meal at a local restaurant. (Be sure meetings are scheduled in advance and confirmed). This puts a “face” on your community and the candidate can talk about their position on issues that are important to the voters face-to-face. And the bonus for elected officials…you get to connect or reconnect with some key constituents in your city!
  3. Volunteer: Offer to make phone calls or be the “go to” person in your community for putting out campaign signs, as they are requested. For small business owners, you can keep a supply of signs at your business and give them out as requested. This is also a great strategy to get customers in your doors.
  4. Host a Candidate Coffee and announce it on social media: Have candidates come to your place of business and meet your employees and extend an invitation to your customers to come meet the candidate as well. You could even offer a “campaign discount” for the day to encourage people to stop by. This is another great strategy for getting customers in your doors.
  5. For elected officials, people will want to know why you are supporting a candidate and many will offer their support because they respect your opinion and knowledge of the issues that are part of the campaign. This is also another way for you to connect with your constituents and learn what’s on the minds of the voters. Remember…you know your constituents better than anyone. Helping your candidate is the best way to start your own campaign towards successful advocacy between state and local government leaders.
  6. Offer Your Endorsement – Another memorable strategy, especially if you are well-known and respected within the community. Candidates appreciate knowing their local elected officials and business owners are supporting them, and can share this support in their campaign speeches, literature and on social media.
  7. Wave Signs on Election Day – Even if you can only spare an hour, candidates have many precincts to cover on election day, so they appreciate knowing there are volunteers at each one demonstrating their support.

For candidates, volunteers and advocates. For more great ideas and campaign strategies, visit: The Campaign Workshop

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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