Plan? What Plan?

Want to be a successful advocate? Then you need a plan!  And NOW is the perfect time to create or review your advocacy plan for the second half of the summer. Below are some basic steps to get you started.

Write down your advocacy goal(s). Examples include:
• Building or strengthening my relationship with legislators.
• Educating legislators about my business, organization or industry.
•Awareness about an issue affecting my ability to run or expand my business.
• Seeking state appropriations.
• Protecting Municipal Home Rule.

Make a commitment.  Just like an exercise routine or building your business, you have to commit to engaging in advocacy on a regular basis. To do this, schedule time on your calendar once a week (just like you would for an appointment) for advocacy and don’t let other distractions take priority.

Pick strategies that fit within your schedule. Most advocacy takes very little time and can be as simple as sending a quick note, making a phone call, or extending an invitation to visit your business or organization.

If it’s an election year, get involved in your candidate’s campaign. Nothing solidifies a relationship better that publicly demonstrating your support.

We know making time for advocacy in a schedule that’s already very full can be a daunting and often unwelcomed challenge. But just like starting that diet or exercise routine, sticking to the plan means it will become a habit. And once it does, it’s part of your regular schedule. And THAT leads to advocacy success!

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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