Complacency Just Won’t Work

Life got in the way these past two weeks, so my apologies to our readers for the brief absence. So this week’s blog is selfishly my own reminder as well as some advocacy advice for you.

One of my favorite bloggers, and one of the most popular in the world, Seth Grodin, writes a daily blog that offers advice about everything from blogging, to business, to professional or personal development. Each morning his words of wisdom are waiting in my inbox when I start my day. And today’s blog (6/26/2018) was a classic!

“If you need deadlines to do your best work…make some up.” You’ll need to click on the link above to read the rest!!

So after reading this, it got me thinking of what else…advocacy! And how his advice is so relevant for advocates. Sometimes, especially during the summer it’s easy to become complacent and put off your advocacy strategies until later. This can be especially true when you know the legislative session is months away.

However, in the course of our interviews with Florida lawmakers we’ve asked them about the timing to request appropriations. Each and every one of them (both Republican and Democrats) have said it’s NEVER too early to ask…and the sooner the better! That means complacency won’t work, and could result in your city, town, association or organization not getting the money you need next year. Below are some tips to help you:

  • Start by having a conversation with your legislator(s) about your needs.
  • Follow-up with a tour (if applicable) of your project or facility so they can see exactly what you want funded and why.
  • If you received appropriations this year, share details about how you have utilized those funds and what they have done to benefit your city, town, organization, etc.
  • Talk with the legislator’s staff about what specific information they need to help you.
  • Continue communication with them about the project, organization, etc.. This is especially true if something changes between now and when they submit the appropriations request.

So I encourage you to take a few minutes to read Seth’s blog and establish some deadlines to help you stay focused and on task. And rest assured I’m taking his advice as well. So our blog is back on schedule, which means next week we’ll share more tips for advocates!

Until then, I continue to be…

Your Partner in Advocacy, Kathy


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