No Excuses…There’s a lot to do this Summer!

When it comes to advocacy, it’s easy to get complacent during the summer. I get it! With candidates focused on campaigns and families focused on vacations, it seems like there’s nothing to do that’s worth the time and effort. BUT THERE IS! 

Believe it or not…not every elected leader is running for re-election right now! This is especially true at the local level (i.e. city, county, school board, etc.). And even if they are, an opportunity to interact with their constituents is ALWAYS appreciated! So here are some tips to keep you busy and engaged this summer.

Continue to Build the Relationship with your Local Elected Officials – A strong relationship with your local leaders is just as important as the one you develop with state legislators. They are counting on you to keep them informed of issues affecting your business, organization or neighborhood. So invite them for a cup of coffee to talk about what’s going on.

Be an Informed Advocate – Attend council meetings, and most especially those meetings when they’re discussing the budget. This is a great strategy to learn about the fiscal health/challenges facing your community in the coming year.

Consider joining a citizen advisory board if your schedule permits – This is an excellent way to stay informed about what’s happening in your city and to actively participate in shaping its future! And this means you can communicate that information with legislators.

Help your Neighbors Be Informed – Work, school, family, civic or public service. These may be just a few of the many “hats” you wear every day. And it’s likely your colleagues or neighbors are the same. So making time to learn about your city or Municipal Home Rule can be a challenge. But you can help. Invite your Mayor or Commissioners to talk with a group of neighbors or business colleagues about Home Rule. The more they know, the more likely they are to join you in any efforts to protect this valuable and necessary local authority.

So take some time now to get involved, get informed and stay engaged.  By doing so, you’ll definitely make a difference in your community!

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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