What Do You Believe?

In this time of heightened political debate and negative campaign ads, it’s easy to assume that all politics and politicians are “sleazy”. Hopefully, you don’t really believe this. But if you do, then spend a few moments asking yourself why you feel this way.

Is it because of what you see on television, read in print or watch on social media? If that’s the case, remember you’re only get a very brief synopsis of an incident or, especially in today’s word perhaps “fake news”. It’s one person’s opinion or version of a story. Or if it’s a political ad, it’s obviously designed to sway your vote. You know there’s usually much more to a story than the hype, so don’t make judgements based upon a one-minute story, or what you read in few comments on social media or in a campaign brochure.

Maybe you believe politics is sleazy based upon a perception of how the “political chess game” is played in your state capitol or in Washington D.C. If that’s the case, there’s only one way to change the situation…GET INVOLVED AND HELP CHANGE THE RULES OF THE GAME!

This starts by always being respectful of the person and the office. Publicly bashing lawmakers only serves to further the perception that politics is sleazy. Whether you do it through social media or in a public forum, you never know if their friend or a supporter will hear your comments and convey them to the lawmaker. If you disagree with them… talk privately, and hopefully they will extend the same courtesy to you.

Honesty, trust, good moral values and ethics DO exist in the political arena. By focusing on building a positive relationship with legislators based on these characteristics, you’ll soon discover that politicians at all levels of government are committed, passionate individuals working hard for the benefit of their communities.

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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