One Step Forward

Tragically as I sat down to write this blog, a story broke on the news about shots fired at a Republican campaign headquarters in Volusia County, Florida. Coupled with the atrocity of pipe bombs mailed to several prominent members of Congress and other locations, these are the actions of radicals and they have no place in any political process.

So how can we get back to a time when Republicans, Democrats, Independents…all of us can express our political views without fear of violence or retribution? Maybe it is by respecting the office and the outcome of the election results.

Next week there will be winners and losers on each side after very hard-fought campaigns. I’ve been on both. Losing is really tough, especially after you’ve given so much of your time, energy and resources to help your candidate. But the reality is life continues long after the election is over. And even if you don’t like the winner, they are just that.

So my suggestion? Take the high road and show you respect the office by congratulating them on their victory. I know this may not be easy and I’m not suggesting you have to do it right away, but it is a good idea. And it goes a very long way in showing the kind of person you are.

Now I’m not saying you suddenly have to agree with them or even support them. But perhaps the path back to civility in the political arena starts with this single act. And if everyone could take this one step forward…that would be a campaign we could all support!

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy


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