What Is Your Roadblock?

A dear friend once told me that a roadblock was something that prevented you from going forward on your journey. While I have the utmost respect for my friend, I do respectfully disagree with his opinion. For I only see the roadblock as an obstacle to either overcome or an opportunity to find another path.

Back when I started this blog, one of the topics I talked about was the roadblocks advocates experience along their journey to be a successful. And now that the 2019 legislative session in Florida is approaching in just a few short months, I’ve chosen to revisit it to help you prepare to engage lawmakers now, and throughout the session.

This week, I want to highlight what I’ve experienced, or what has been shared by other advocates as their greatest obstacles. And in the weeks to come, I’ll share  strategies to “detour” around each one and keep you on your path to success!

  1. ___ Obstacle #1 – What is Advocacy Anyway?
  2. ___ Obstacle #2 – Your Relationship Status
  3. ___ Obstacle #3 – I Don’t Have Time to Get Involved
  4. ___ Obstacle #4 – Advocacy is Only for the Experienced
  5. ___ Obstacle #5 – I Don’t Know the Issues Well Enough
  6. ___ Obstacle #6 – Advocacy Doesn’t Make a Difference
  7. ___ Obstacle #7 – Politics is Sleazy (something we’ve talked about often!)
  8. ___ Obstacle #8 – We Have a Lobbyist
  9. ___ Obstacle #9 – ______________________________________________________?

I encourage you to read through the list, and check off any that you may be working on or want to know more about. And if you have questions? Contact me! I’d be thrilled to help you address them. 

Because I remain…your partner in advocacy


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