Never Stop Communicating

Did you know that one of the most effective strategies to further your relationship with lawmakers is so simple, it is often overlooked? That’s because advocates don’t believe it actually works. I’m here to tell you it does and it works well.

Continue communicating with them without asking for anything. That’s it! And it’s a great approach for keeping your organization, business, or city in their thoughts even if you don’t see them in person that often.

There are ways you can do this while enjoying your morning coffee, reading the paper, or catching up on social media. Below are a couple of my favorite strategies, but you know your city, organization, or business better than anyone else. So I encourage you to think about some creative ideas that will help keep that conversation going throughout the year.

Local governments and organizations: If they helped secure appropriations for your city or organization on a specific project, email them a regular status update. Sadly, this is rarely done, so imagine the impact you could have if you are the one to do it.

Local governments, organizations and businesses: If you send out a newsletter, make sure they and their staff are on your distribution list. And how about doing a feature article on them in an upcoming edition? Especially if they have sponsored legislation or secured appropriations that has helped you.

On-going communication, especially when you’re not asking for anything is a great way to keep your relationship strong. And that will help you influence leaders to get what you want!*

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

* Excerpt from my book “A Journey to Yes, How to Influence Leaders to Get What You Want” due out in March, 2019.

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