The Story of the Determined Woodpecker

Each morning I rise very early and take my dog Smokey for a short walk. And for the past several weeks, during that time I’ve heard a very persistent woodpecker attempting to create a hole in a steel light post. He is very loud in this endeavor, and I’m guessing not terribly successful, but he is quite determined.

Now you might say he’s also not too smart to keep trying to peck a hole in a nearly impossible object. But…with time who knows? The steel may eventually weaken under his persistence and victory may be his! However even if he never succeeds, one must admire his “steely” determination (yes..that pun was intended).

So as a consultant and author for advocates, of course I must make the comparison. This hardworking little bird can teach us all a lesson. And that is even though the odds may be against you right now, or you may be at odds with your lawmaker, sometimes chipping away slowly, consistently and always with the utmost professionalism may just lead to that strong relationship you’re looking for.

That starts with extending an olive branch and/or asking, “How can I help you succeed?” Believe it or not this is a simple gesture that legislators don’t hear as often as they should. So even if your relationship was strained before, perhaps now is the perfect opportunity to hit the reset button, and start working on rebuilding it or just making it stronger.

And who knows…just like the persistent woodpecker, someday the victory may be yours!

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

#AJourneyToYes #StartYourJourneyToday

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