Never Give Up On Your Dreams

#AJourneyToYes #YourJourneyStartsToday – Two hashtags you’ll be seeing a lot of from me now and well into the future! That’s because I am so excited to announce that my first book, A Journey to Yes – How to Influence Leaders To Get What You Want  is now available in print and on-line!

A lifelong dream finally realized…the process for writing, editing and publishing this book has certainly been an interesting and learning journey. But one I would gladly travel again. With practical, no-nonsense advice for advocates, the book shares my experiences and lessons I’ve learned along my road to becoming a successful advocate.

And this past week, through my work, I was able to take an incredible group of advocates along for a few miles of that journey. (Actually is was over 1,000 miles to and from Tallahasee!) Utilizing some of the advice I’ve shared in the book, they were able to convince a lawmaker to help them amend a bill that would’ve cost them over $45 million dollars in one year!

The secret, which shouldn’t be a secret at all was the art of compromise. They knew the bill (in both the House and Senate) was likely to pass, so instead of only accepting a position of opposition from lawmakers, they worked with them to improve the bill’s language and address the advocates’ most pressing concerns.

The end result of this compromise? If amended, lawmakers in both chambers can still support their colleagues who sponsored the bills while being able to go back to their respective districts post-session and know they also helped their constituents and local governments. A win-win for everyone!

So if you are ready to start your #JourneyToYes then I’m ready to help you. The road to success as an advocate is achievable and you may even have a great time along the way!

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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