Taking the Road Less Traveled

Those that know me, know how much I love traveling to Tallahassee this time of year. The energy and excitement of being there during the legislative session is intoxicating for this political nerd! But as much as I enjoy being there, often the journey can be just as fun, especially when I take the roads less traveled.

The route through the horse country in Ocala and up State Road 19 through some of Florida’s small cities and towns is not to be missed, for many reasons. For one thing, it truly is the roads less traveled! And after having driven the route many, many times I can say it maybe takes 20 minutes longer than staying on the interstate and there are stretches when you are literally the ONLY one on the road!

Secondly, especially this time of year (March-April) the endless fields of wildflowers capture your attention for miles and miles. And their incredible beauty deserves your admiration. Appreciating their magnificance even if just for an instant, has the ability to alleviate your stress well after they are no longer in view.

And lastly, as someone who often works with our wonderful cities throughout Florida, seeing the small communities such as Chiefland, Williston and Perry always reminds me of how diverse each city in Florida really is.  And after several years of exploring Florida through the roads and towns that lie “off the beaten path”, it renews my firm belief that preserving their uniqueness is a cause worth fighting for.

Collectively, these reasons have made me a better person, better consultant and better advocate. Because when I arrive in Tallahassee I know that I have been reminded of why I am there and have the renewed perspective to accomplish my goals during the trip.

So as you travel on your journeys, I encourage you to embrace and maybe even seek out  the roads less traveled, because it just may help you discover another route to achieving your advocacy goals.

#AJourneyToYes #YourJourneyStartsToday

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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