Monthly Archives: April 2019

Can You Really Afford to Do Nothing?

Having always been someone who’s willing to forge ahead and try something new, I’ve found over the years that the worst that can happen is nothing! And that is also very true when it comes to advocacy.  But too often I’ve heard advocates share they don’t have time to get involved. So I’d like to […]

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To Follow or Not to Follow?

It’s the “herd mentality”. If one person is going a certain direction and they seem to know what they’re doing, inherently others will follow. You see it happen at airports, on roadways and yes…even in advocacy. But is following the herd always the right thing to do? It depends! If someone (an advocate) has developed […]

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It’s a Marathon…Not a Sprint

Almost every weekend in the spring, there is a charity race in my neighborhood. I’m very fortunate to live in a community surrounded by parks, walking trails and a beautiful lake, so it’s very conducive to these types of events. I will admit I’m always a spectator, not a participant, because I’m not much of […]

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