To Follow or Not to Follow?

It’s the “herd mentality”. If one person is going a certain direction and they seem to know what they’re doing, inherently others will follow. You see it happen at airports, on roadways and yes…even in advocacy.

But is following the herd always the right thing to do? It depends! If someone (an advocate) has developed a very successful strategy that is getting results, then by all means, follow and learn how!

However, if you’re engaged in strategies that have had moderate to little success just because someone else told you to do them, or because it has worked for them, then it’s time to break away from the herd and begin your own journey.

One of the coolest things about advocacy is that there are so many strategies to choose from you can pick the ones that are right for you, always remembering the foundation for success is about a strong relationship.

So here’s to charting your own course and breaking away from the pack to try something new. And who knows? Maybe you will then become the leader and successful advocate others will want to follow!

A Journey to Yes…Your Journey Starts Today

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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