Can You Really Afford to Do Nothing?

Having always been someone who’s willing to forge ahead and try something new, I’ve found over the years that the worst that can happen is nothing! And that is also very true when it comes to advocacy.  But too often I’ve heard advocates share they don’t have time to get involved.

So I’d like to share a brief excerpt from chapter five my book A Journey to Yes in hopes that you too will be willing to try new strategies and “forge ahead” in building your relationships with lawmakers.

There are never enough hours in the day. How often have we all said that, especially when you are trying to balance running a business, meeting family obligations, and serving the public? It’s a juggling act to be sure. Hence, when you think about adding the need to influence leaders into a schedule that’s already jam-packed, it can be a daunting challenge.

Time constraints are a reality for anyone who runs a business, works full-time, raises a family or serves in public office. I get it. But I can’t emphasize enough how imperative making time for advocacy and engaging legislators really is and that means…

You need a plan to succeed! So you’re probably saying, “Duh…why would I plan to fail?” Obviously you wouldn’t, but you might, merely by not creating a plan at all. It happened to me and it was exasperating. I wasted valuable time trying to go in too many directions at once. So I can say from experience you will spend much more time in frustration without a plan than you will if you take the time to create one. So I’d like to share what I call Kathy’s Cannons for Influence Planning.

  1. Spend time thinking
  2. Don’t over-commit
  3. Commit to your success
  4. Current actions can become opportunities to influence leaders
  5. Never stop communicating
  6. Engage your constituents, supporters and customers

By following this 6-step method for creating your Plan to Succeed you’ll soon discover that not only do you have time for advocacy, but will look forward to it and reaps the benefits of advancing relationships with those you are trying to influence!



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