Monthly Archives: June 2019

YOU Have The Power to Affect Change

That’s right YOU! Because despite the myths or public perception, the voice of the constituent is the most powerful one a lawmaker at any level of government wants and needs to hear. But I do know that when it comes to advocacy, it’s easy to get complacent during the summer. I get it/ With candidates […]

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What gets and keeps a lawmaker’s attention? Is it money, power, prestige? What about hundreds of people advocating to right an injustice? In some instances the answer to each question is yes! But what if you don’t have any of those things to offer? Is all hope lost? The answer to that question is definitely […]

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Embrace the Detour

This week, I’m going “off the beaten path” to talk about how sometimes you need to embrace the detour along the journey to regain your perspective! Never one to slow down much, I often continue my work on vacation. While that might sound crazy to some, for me it’s an opportunity to really let the […]

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