It’s Time to Say, “Thank You”

We all love to be appreciated right? It’s what motivates us to go that extra mile in our professional or personal lives. But how often do we really acknowledge and extend appreciation to our political leaders? Surprisingly, (and sadly) they will tell you it is very rare.

But YOU have the power to change that! Whether you are an elected leader or a constituent, if it’s been awhile or this is the first time, the time is NOW to say, “thank you for your service”

A strategy ANYONE can do in just a few minutes, below is a sample email you can use verbatim! And this is also a great strategy to begin or advance your relationship in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration with those you are trying to influence.

Dear Senator/Representative _____,

Thank you for your public service to the residents of _____________ (insert House or Senate district number here). As a constituent in ______ (insert your specific neighborhood or street name here), I wanted to congratulate you on your committee assignments and wish you much success as you continue to serve. 

If there is anything I or my (city/town/village/company, firm, association) can do to assist you or your staff, I hope you won’t hesitate to contact me.

Your Name, Title

Even if you don’t support or agree with your elected leaders here’s some food for thought. You rarely drown or get lost in the crowd when you take the high road!

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy


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