Is It Time for One Final Tour?

As I shared in last week’s post, advocacy is much more fun if done proactively! So let’s continue with that theme and focus on another strategy for engaging those you are trying to influence for the purpose of informing and collaborating for the benefit of your business, organization or community.

If you’ve never, or if it’s been a long time, NOW is the time to invite lawmakers for a tour. So often they share that seeing really is believing and essential in helping them make informed decisions.

This is especially true if you’re referencing your business, community or organization when you communicate. If they’ve seen it and talked with your staff or volunteers, they will have a much better understanding and appreciation of the “why and how”.

But don’t just do this once! This is especially true if you’re asking for their financial help. In many states, legislators have to prove why they are asking for money and how it will benefit not only their district but the state in general. It’s much easier for them to do that if they have an in-depth knowledge (and can share with their colleagues) their reasons for the request.

And if they are successful in obtaining appropriations for you, it’s an absolute must that you:

  1. Say, “thank you” in a big way!
  2. Keep them apprised of when you receive funding and how it is being used.
  3. Provide them periodic updates on how the money has benefitted your industry, organization or community.

Making pro-active advocacy part of your plan for influencing leaders can put you on a journey that will lead you to success and get the “yes” you are looking for!

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy



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