Put It in Writing!

One question I’m often asked by advocates is if letters or resolutions of support really make a difference. And my answer is always the same…“Yes”!

When lawmakers are presenting and debating bills in their state capital, they always appreciate knowing that people from “back home” support what they are doing. But so often their inbox only gets full when people want them to oppose something.

And while it’s perfectly fine to share your objection, you can’t stop there! A letter, email or resolution of support lets them know they’re not fighting alone, especially when that  support comes directly from their constituents.

But before you start writing, spend a few moments answering the following question so you can share this information in specific detail with your lawmakers:

  1. How will this legislation positively impact me, my business, city or organization? Some great examples include:
    1. For small businesses – I can hire more employees, give them a raise, expand their benefits, open a second location, etc.
    2. For organizations – We can expand our scope of services or the population we serve (feed more families, build more houses, etc.)
    3. For local governments – We can put more money in reserves, streamline services or operations, reduce our millage, etc.

In our on-going conversation about pro-active advocacy, sharing your support (in writing) is the perfect opportunity to continue on your journey to yes!

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy


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