Are We Becoming More Social with Social Distancing?

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Over the past month there have been countless posts, comments, opinions, etc. about what is happening in our world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And our vocabulary has expanded to include words such as social distancing and alone together. At first glance, those phrases sound diametrically opposite. And in many respects they are!

So I started thinking about and frankly becoming more observant of how we are interacting with each other during a time of separation. And from my very humble observations, I do believe social distancing has actually made us more social! Myself included.

Over these past weeks, I’ve found myself interacting more on social media, participating is some of the silly Facebook “games” people created, and enjoying a hearty laugh at some of the memes. Just today I introduced a single friend to Facetime as a way to check in with each other.

But I’ve also noticed during actual physical interaction (within a safe distance apart) sharing conversations with neighbors, smiling at each other as we pass by during a walk, or saying, “Hello” to strangers.

Suddenly we all have something in common in a common enemy…COVID-19.

So let us continue to pray for a swift and positive end to this pandemic, the victims and their families, our hard-working first responders and medical personnel, the survival of our small businesses and the unsung heroes stocking the shelves at our grocery stores and delivering goods to our front door.

And maybe, just maybe we can all pause for a moment and reflect on how social distancing has made us more social, and perhaps in the long-term a kinder and more appreciative world.

#AloneTogether #SocialDistancing

Your Partner in Advoacy…Kathy

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