Be Part of The World’s Largest Thank You Note

As I often tell my clients, a tried and true strategy they can do to build and strengthen relationships is to say, “Thank you”. So during these challnging times, I would like to ask everyone to join me in doing just that.

So here’s how it works. After you read this blog, please share it through your social media outlets and include by name, profession, industry, etc. (your choice) a list of those you would like to thank and why. And then ask your social media contacts to do the same!

You can share one or many names, or recognize a group or people within an industry who are answering the call to service right now. But I do ask you keep political discussions at bay. Because this is just about appreciation.

To get started, I want to thank the following incredible nurses who are friends and family on the front lines in the fight to protect those who are ill. That includes Niki Wohlford-Will, Hillary Till McCoy, Lori Horine Till, Jennifer Tornatta- Berry, Madison Wohlford and Rosemary Gavan.

I’d also like to thank the amazing managers and staff at my local Publix grocery store. They have been working tirelessly to keep the shelves stocked and serving their customers. All while keeping a smile on their face and sharing a kind word.

I truly hope you will join me, so together we can share our appreciation with those who truly deserve it!

#AloneTogether #StrongerTogether #ThankYou

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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