Questions About the “New Normal” in a Post-Pandemic World

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As we continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been thinking about what has become the “norm” and what will be the new normal once this crisis has passed. AND IT WILL PASS! In that we have to believe!

For me, I stared longingly at my favorite coffee shop the other day as I drove by, knowing it will be one of the first places I frequent as soon as I can.

But I also observed my favorite restaurants. Some closed, but most offering curbside pick-up or delivery that had never done so in the past. If they successfully survive the economic hardships, will this service become part of their new strategy for taking care of their customers? And will we still take advantage if it remains so?

And probably one of the most substantial changes has been the number of employees now working from home. I’m guessing many like it and may want to continue, while others will crave the physical and social interaction with their colleagues. Knowing while they were able to get the job done at home, they are much better suited and more productive in an office environment. How will corporate America address this growing trend?

Lastly, how will this impact the exchange of ideas and information? There’s no doubt social media has become a very important tool for getting real-time data to people throughout the world. But does this awareness translate into influencing policymakers? Certainly this is yet to be seen.

So as you are #stayinghome and helping to #flattenthecurve and #slowthespread I’d love to hear your thoughts on what the “new normal” will be in a post-pandemic world.

#AloneTogether #SocialDistancing #CommunicationIsKey

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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