The Sound of Laughter

My husband and I are blessed to live in a neighborhood full of parks, walking trails, basketball and tennis courts and playgrounds. Which means on a typical day there are always people, especially children at play throughout our community.

So when I was walking our dog this morning it struck me that the sound of their laughter was perhaps one of things I miss most right now. It’s always been my belief that when there are children laughing and playing, it is because they feel safe and happy.

And that got me thinking about other sounds I miss, but also those we can hear even clearer while there is such quiet in our communities. I live in the city, so the sounds of birds and animals are much more distinct. And even the sound of sprinklers watering lawns and baseball fields have become more distinguishable.

But I also miss the sounds of cars whizzing by at the height of rush hour, and the distant roar of a plane engine. As crazy as it may sound, I look forward to their return. Because that will mean life as we know it is on its way back to normal.

So until this happens, I will listen more closely to the quiet, and revel in the peace and tranquility it can bring.

What sounds do you miss most and those you are hearing with more clarity? Join the conversation and I look forward to “hearing” from you!

#AloneTogether #FlattentheCurve #StoptheSpread #TheSoundofLaughter #JointheConversation

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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