The World’s Greatest Army

The Roman army, the Ottoman army, the Mongol army*. All considered to be among the top six most powerful armies of all time. But today, that army is you and me, and everyone who is practicing social distancing, providing essential services, or is on the front lines in the war against COVID-19.

And this isn’t just an army of one nation but worldwide, that has said, “Yes. I will do my part.” Together, we have become the world’s most powerful force combatting a common enemy for the right to recapture our health and prosperity on a global scale.

So I applaud you…ALL of you, who are my fellow soldiers for doing your part to defeat this enemy. And once the victory is ours, it is my sincere hope we not forget what we did together, united as one nation and one world for the common good.

#AloneTogether #SocialDistancing #FlattentheCurve #TheWorld’sArmy

Your Partner in Advocacy…Kathy

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